No sooner did the word pop into my head, did thoughts like safety, strength, support, answers, change, expectation, acceptance, endurance follow suit.  At Covenant Blessings Church our HOPE is in God, his name is Jesus. We have experienced a love like no other, and he has changed our lives and because of this we want the world to know about him.

Our church is one really big family, where you will meet people from different socio-economic backgrounds, different cultures, different languages and different ages, all with different stories but united by a common love for Jesus that leads one to love those around us and our community.  The Bible clearly states that God has a plan for each of our lives and so it is not by chance that you and me are based in this amazing city of Thane which by the way has a very rich heritage. We are here to make a difference and it is people like you and me that can make the difference this city needs.

At our church just about anybody……….. we literally mean anybody…………no just in case you think of that one category of people which isn’t included in anybody, we seriously mean anybody is welcome, no matter the past or the present you will be welcomed.  Life can’t always be perfect, going the way you want it to, we all have our fair share of ups and downs but the only difference is through the ups and downs we have a hope, and that hope is Jesus.

Fortunately we don’t offer you a quick fix, some tablets, powerful connections or money to sort whatever is needed to be sorted out, we believe in the power of prayer. We have seen prayers been answered immediately, some prayers in a couple of a days, some took more time and some still haven’t been answered but through it all we hold on to this HOPE – JESUS! The Bible says that those who hope in Jesus will never be disappointed, it also says that if you call to Jesus and pray to him, He will listen to you, and you will find Jesus if you seek him with all your heart. We at Covenant Blessings Church are a testimony to that.

In today’s world which never falls short of springing up one shock after another, we believe that people with a changed heart and a heart that follows Jesus, a heart filled with hope can make a difference.  God has a great plan for this city of Thane and for Covenant Blessings Church, a plan like no other, come join us on this exciting journey of impacting this city one hope-filled heart at a time, come to this HOUSE OF HOPE !