2015 has begun on a very challenging and exciting note. And its brilliant to see the way each one has responded with a yearning and a desire to see God come with His ernpowering  Presence.

Our objective and the pathway in worship that we teach in CBC is that The Lord Jesus Christ is our centre; the Word of God our base and Holy Spirit, filling us to extend the servant life of Jesus outward.

We seek a fresh walk in the Spirit but recognise how easy it is to mistake novelty for newness.
We also see how easily pride can prompt an arrogant, anti-traditional stance, leading to a tireless quest to be ‘different’. We want to find Christ’s mind for His Church and to see Holy Spirit work in our church according to the Father’s Word, will and way.

And we have felt the Lord say to us, ‘You must not think too small, or you will get in my way, for ! have set myself to do a great work.’

And today, as we together commence reading through the New Testament in 60 days, my  prayer is that

  1. The Word of God will come alive in our hearts through the amazing work and fellowship with Holy Spirit
  2. There will be a powerful synergy as we fellowship together. True fellowship shares life-giving power as well as tender-hearted understanding. True fellowship is transparent.
  3. Its outworking will be evident to all those we communicate and connect with
Much love and prayers 
Pastor Basil