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The Precursor to the 37th Anniversary

by CBCTeam

We began our 37th Church Anniversary week by setting aside two pastoral couples – Edwin & Carol, and Renick & Snehal. Amid much joy, there were some amazing prophecies over each one of them as Pst. Basil symbolically handed the baton over to them. #CBCThane #SundayService #Worship #ChurchAnniversary #Leadership

The Cross and the Love of God …..Jeremiah D’Souza

by CBCTeam

Jeremiah spoke to us again this Sunday, probing us to consider if we are fully convinced: ⁃ Of the love of God ⁃ That the Cross was enough Some truths that Jesus achieved for us: ⁃ He not only died for us, He died AS us ⁃ Christ’s death rescues us from the nature of […]

Prophetic Wednesday

by CBCTeam

Pst. Basil brought us some real heavyweights from the heart of God for this year. In his message on Sunday, he encouraged us to prophesy confidently to our circumstances just as Ezekiel did to the dry bones. We are super excited to see the prophetic words for 2018 unfold! We were in for a real […]

Those who missed the First Christmas

by CBCTeam

Being so caught up with what they were caught up with the religious teachers were so caught up with performing the pre-requisites , the inn keepers and even Herod missed the birth of the Messiah. What are you caught up with today? What is it that is not allowing you to hear God? Remember that […]

Sunday Sermon Snippets – ‘Want an Upgrade’

by CBCTeam

Feb, 19, 2017 – Want an Upgrade, By Pastor Benny Thomas “Want an Upgrade?” asked Pastor Benny as he introduced the title of his message on Sunday, and proceeded to show us how Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and men. Some great insights on how we can do the same […]