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CBC embarks on ’60 Days in the New Testament’

by cbcindia

2015 has begun on a very challenging and exciting note. And its brilliant to see the way each one has responded with a yearning and a desire to see God come with His ernpowering¬† Presence. Our objective and the pathway in worship that we teach in CBC is that The Lord Jesus Christ is our […]

House of Hope

by cbcindia

No sooner did the word pop into my head, did thoughts like safety, strength, support, answers, change, expectation, acceptance, endurance follow suit.¬† At Covenant Blessings Church our HOPE is in God, his name is Jesus. We have experienced a love like no other, and he has changed our lives and because of this we want […]

Friends, what are you expecting?

by cbcindia

When a woman is pregnant it is said that she is “expecting.” What is she expecting? Not a dog or a hippopotamus or a field of poppies or a bag of stones. The mother doesn’t have to worry about what is going to come out after nine months. She is expecting a baby. What are […]